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Bat Boxes

Everyone who has been unable to spend some quality time outside because of insects has wondered about the possible ways to deal with them effectively. Pesticides are usually a bad idea due to openness, leaving the best option as bat boxes. Though they are very useful, most people don't use them making them one of the most unappreciated insect elimination methods. Their wide availability in the market also makes it harder to choose one during purchase. Knowing the different types of available can help with the right decision making when selecting a bat box for sale. Some of the common types include:

Wooden boxes

These come in different shapes and sizes and in different types of wood. Some wooden bat boxes are very durable while others are often unable to withstand harsh outside conditions. Each design of a wooden bat box has different features suitable for different preferences. For example, a triple chamber nursery bat house available at These are large sized bat boxes that have enough room for female bats to roost and raise their young making them very attractive. They have a capacity of up to 200 bats and are very durable.

Integrated boxes

Unlike other boxes that are mounted separately on buildings, these bat boxes are usually part of the building's structure. They are usually built within the walls making them permanent.

Woodcrete boxes

These are made with a mixture of wood, concrete, and clay. They are also available in different varieties such as the 2F bat box. Wood Crete is highly durable material that ensures the bat box stays in great shape for over 20 years. They are well designed to allow circulation of air preventing high temperatures and have rough surfaces for bats to cling on. Bat boxes can also be classified according to their space. For example, crevice bat boxes have narrow spaces for roosting suitable for specific bats such as whiskered bats. Cavity boxes, on the other hand, have more room and are suitable for brown long-eared bats among others.


Once you find a suitable.bat box you have to find a suitable place that is high, has good sun exposure and easy for them to access. Avoid placing the box under trees because such locations are less appealing to bats. Try to make the location near a source of water for the bats. At we will give you all the necessary instructions pertaining to the installation of your box together with any other assistance you may need. We will help you choose the perfect bat box for your surroundings. Our bat boxes for sale are some of the best in the market guaranteeing value for your money.